Delhi Smog, health hazards and Homoeopathy

useful content The increasing pollution and farm fires in the vicinity have created a rather smoggy environment in Delhi, the capital of India. While its exposure is inevitable to the residents, there are some precautions which can be taken to avoid direct inhalation of such toxic smoke.
1. Face Masks- While any and everything, ranging from a scarf to handkerchief to ordinary surgical mask, used to cover your face during exposure to smog is helpful, there are certain face masks to be precisely thought of in such conditions. One such example is a 3M particulate face mask. This respirator is designed to help provide quality air and reliable respiratory protection. 3M’s proprietary filter media and Advanced Electret Media filters dust and other particles while allowing for natural breathing.
2. Air purifiers- Installing this inside house can help breathe purified air which continuously gets filtered through the purifier. Among those the one’s with UV-C sanitizers should be preferred.
3. Remaining indoors in peak hours of smog i.e. early morning and late night can help prevent excessive inhalation of direct pollution.

While precaution is always better than cure, there are excellent Homoeopathic medicines which are helpful for various consequences of smog inhalation says Dr Surbhi Gupta Khandelwal. A dry cough, irritation in eyes, headache, and shortness of breath. Since sensitive people can be continuously affected till the causative factor i.e. smog is present in air, it is advisable to take homeopathic medicines in such cases where prolonged medication with minimal side effects can be provided esp, for children.

Bcoz We Only Live Once..!!

An average life expectancy of a person is 75 years. Let us divide life into 3 quarters. 1-25 years, 25-50 years, 50-75 years. First ten years you are not mentally capable of planning your life because you are just a kid. Last ten years i.e., 65-75 years you care a shit about planning life because you had it all and just want peace.  So basically its 55 years what we are dealing with. Not to forget that it is the best case scenario.  If you fight disease,depression, recession etc etc etc then its 55 years you can plan to live.

Now lets take these 55 years. That account for nearly 20,000 days . Out of this every person sleeps average 8 hours a day. that is nearly 1/3rd of your day. On calculating you will realize that out of these 20,000 days that you have, you spend 6500 on sleeping.So u have only 13,500 days to live your life that too  if you are extremely lucky.

I want you to overlook the boring mathematical calculation and focus on the point. The point is this is all you have “13,500 days” . We don’t know what we did before we were born, we don’t know what we will do after we are dead, but what we surely know is that we have these 13,500 days in writing with us.

Imagine when we were kids and dad use to give us some fixed pocket money . We use to divide it so wisely and make full use of it. Same way why can’t we be practical in living the days we have..??

The synonym of Life is “Unpredictability”. One day you think your life is perfect;best family, friends, job, kids , basically anything that any individual wants from life. We take it for granted thinking that we are just born lucky. But its high time to open your eyes and see the reality. You never know if one morning you wake up only to hear that your close relative is dead, or you have a life threatening disease or all the money you invested is lost.  These things can happen. I don’t want to sound pessimist but its the reality of life.

People say money is the most important thing for living life to its fullest. Imagine you have 13,500 $ and as each day is passing you are losing one dollar don’t know when suddenly you might go bankrupt. Use each penny to the core i.e. in other words live each day to the fullest.

Design each day in your own way. Live with the people you want to spend your time with. Eat what you love , buy what you like. Each day make sure that before sleeping you have that smile on your smile , the one you get when you are satisfied….!!

~ Surbhi Gupta