Online Consultation

Avail this online facility to take benefit of homeopathic treatment when sitting at your home and from experienced doctors.

All you have to do is follow a simple 5 step process as below.

1.Brief your complaints and send them to email id given below.

2. We will then reply you back with an Online Consultation form which is customised as per your problems.

3. You have to open the attachment in the email, edit the form, fill it, and forward it back to us.

4. Our experienced doctors will then work on your case on basis of all the data provided by you. In a short span of time, you will receive response email with list of medicines and corresponding dosage in detail ( you can also choose to get medicines delivered to you)

5. After taking medicine for the indicated time, we will ask you to fill a short follow-up form. Noting all the changes in your complaints you will be treated thereafter.
The online consultation form sent to you will be in questionnaire format. You just need to answer these simple questions and send us the filled form in response. The questions in form ask for all the relevant information necessary for our doctors to evaluate your case and prescribe you with most suitable homoeopathic medicine.

You will have two options. Either medicine can be couriered to you on desired address or we can share the names of homoeopathic medicines which you can easily purchase from any nearest homoeopathic pharmacy in your area.

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