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Dr Surbhi Gupta Khandelwal


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Being amongst the only few Homeopaths to learn the concepts of Homeopathy from across the world,Dr. Surbhi Gupta Khandelwal is a rising star in the world of Homeopathic medicine. Originally from Madhya Pradesh, India, she graduated her BHMS from Dhondumama Sathe Homeopathic Medical College, Pune, which is affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.

Later she went abroad to do her  Post graduation, M.D. from British Institute of Homeopathy, New Jersy, USA which is affiliated to the British Institute of Homoeopathy, London. She also holds a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from Indira Gandhi National Open university, Pune. and  Certification in Clinical Counseling as well. She also did a  Diploma  in Emergency Medical service (EMS) Practitioner from Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune.

She also mastered the use of flower remedies along with Homeopathic treatment by doing a certification in Bach Flower Therapy.

She did her dissertation/thesis on the topic" Lesser known/rare remedies should be given importance in the treatment of Acute diseases". She has keen knowledge of some of the recently proven Homeopathic medicines which are  yet to be introduced in the curriculum in Indian education.

She believes that reading is the key to gaining knowledge. Therefore she encourages to never discontinue reading.

In her 6 years of practice, she has attained great success in treating a wide variety  of cases ranging from acute ailments to acute exacerbation of chronic diseases, psychological disorders ,autoimmune diseases,hormonal changes in females etc

Her sole aim is to help the mankind with her skills and knowledge and hence she came up with this innovative idea to provide homeopathic consultation to the needful using digital media.