A to Z tests for Pregnancy

source link Written by – Dr Surbhi Gupta Khandelwal

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This article is mainly targeted for all couples (non-medicos) trying to take a new step in life. Know, in a scroll, about all the pre-requisite meds and tests from start to end.

This beautiful experience of being pregnant lasts approximately 40 weeks for an average healthy woman. These 40 weeks are calculated from the first day of last menstrual cycle. The end of 40 weeks is expected date of delivery(EDD).

This article presents information about multiple tests essential during each phase of pregnancy.

Preliminary- Folic acid tabs are advised to be taken once a day for at least 3-6 months before planning. Thereafter, for entire 40 weeks of pregnancy, Iron, folic acid, and calcium supplements are suggested.

Week 4-5- If menses are missed, Confirm Pregnancy at home by a Home pregnancy Kit.(UPT)

Week 6-8- Your gynecologist will suggest a Pelvic Sonography which is essential for dating and viability. Also Haemogram, urine routine, blood sugar level test, ultra TSH test are indicated.

Week 8-10- This week tests include
Anti-TPO antibody test, HIV, HBsAg, BI group, RH typing
ICT test if RH neg, Rubella, IgM, IgG
Also, Vit B12, if indicated

Week 11-13 – 1St Trimester screening is suggested.
Also, OGCT (glucose tolerance test ) is essential.

Week 16-18 – AFP, urine culture, H1N1 vaccination.

Week 18-20 – Anomaly scan (type of Sonography)
Haemogram, TSH, urine routine
Repeat ICT if RH negative
Injection TT(tetanus) 1st dose

Week 24-26- Repeat OGCT
Injection TT 2nd dose

Week 28- Injection Anti-D if RH negative

Week 28-32 – USG with color Doppler
Repeat Haemogram, OGCT, Ultra TSH, Urine routine

Week 32-34 – ANC classes (if opted for)

Week 36-37 – USG with color doppler

After 37 weeks fetal’s growth inside the body is almost achieved and now for last 3 weeks, it only gains more and more fat layer. Therefore, delivery anytime after 37 weeks is considered safe.

NOTE- The above details are for reference only and needs to be discussed with your gynecologist. Since each body is different, each pregnancy is also different. Therefore, not all test are indicated for everyone.

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