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The word ‘Homoeopathy’ has its Greek origin ‘Homoios’ meaning ‘Similar’ and ‘pathos’ meaning ‘suffering or disease’. This is based on the fundamental principle of Homoeopathy, i.e, “similia similibus curantur” or “likes are treated by likes”. Homoeopathy is a gentle and pure branch of medicine where medicines are prepared from all natural sources like plants, minerals etc. Therefore it has no side-effects, what-so-ever. These medicines are proved on healthy human beings and thereafter are used to treat the diseased ones.

For a layman to understand the action of Homoeopathic medicines below is a simple anology –

Imagine Harry has some goods manufacturing machine inside his factory. Due to environmental factors like rain, dust, industrial waste etc his machine has broken down and is not producing the desired goods as expected.

Now, what are his possible options?

1. Oil that machine for Rest of his life. The day he stops pouring oil from outside , the machine breaks down again. This is a quick way to get results but a temporary one. Because Harry can’t stay near machine all the time as he has a life of his own too.

2. Next option for Harry is to prevent the machine from rain, hail, storm, wastes,dust etc always. Again he will not have a quality of life of his own with soo many restrictions for life long.

3. The last option for Harry is to repair the machine from inside so that it works on its own and produces desired goods. Now some people told him that it’s a time seeking option but he knew once the machine was repaired he will not need to feed the machine oil or prevent the machine from exposures throughout the life. Thus he decided to go for it. It took some time. But once he was done, he was done !!

Similarly, When a person has diabetes, it commonly means that the pancreatic glands inside his body are not producing the necessary hormone I.e. Insulin

Now Patient can either take insulin hormone tablets for rest of his life(with some side -effects).
Or he can go for restrictions like no sugar, diet low on carbohydrates, heavy work-out, stress management, prevent himself from any cuts or bruises etc for rest of his life.
Or he can take Homeopathic medicine where a constitutional remedy will slowly but effectively restart the function of his pancreatic gland so that they secrete insulin on its own. Thus he will be free from diabetes forever, I.e once he is done, he is done !!